Dr Coffee F11 Big +Fridge



  • One touch Cappuccino / Coffee Latte/ Espresso/Long coffee beverage, no need to move cup;
  • Patented brew unit system with auto-clean function;
  • Built-in milk frothier unit with auto-clean function;
  • 1 Kg large capacity coffee bean tank;
  • Auto fill-in water system with hose to connect water barrel

Dr Coffee F11 High-speed milk Capable of producing 80-120 cups of barista-quality coffee per hour, The F11 coffee machine will make all the coffee you require. The coffee machine uses fresh milk and fresh coffee beans, it’s fully automatic, compact and has large-capacity water and bean containers. Simply make a 4 to 6 selection using the wide graphics display and user-friendly interface and let the machine do the rest.
2 or 8Litres water tank (or can be plumbed to water mains)

Rental Price: $50 + GST per week.

For information about rental options for this machine, please call our shop at 03-98573334 or email

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