Keep Your Office Caffeinated with Professional Coffee Machine Servicing

In a busy workday, the last thing you need is to worry about your next in-house coffee break. At Espresso Fix, we understand the importance of keeping your office coffee machines running smoothly. That’s why we offer on-site workplace repairs, ensuring your daily coffee fix is never compromised. Our mobile services include comprehensive maintenance solutions and convenient coffee bean delivery.

Automatic Coffee Machine Service & Manual Coffee Machine Service:

Whether you have an automatic coffee machine or a manual one, our expert technicians are well-equipped to handle all your servicing needs. We provide efficient and reliable repairs to ensure your office coffee machine operates at its best. Our service includes a fixed labor charge of $150 +GST, along with any necessary parts required for the repair.

Semi-Commercial Coffee Machine Service:

For semi-commercial coffee machines, we offer specialized servicing to meet the unique demands of your office environment. Our skilled technicians will address any issues and perform thorough maintenance to keep your coffee flowing smoothly. The service for semi-commercial machines comes with a fixed labor charge of $180 +GST, in addition to any required parts.

Need Your Coffee Machine Serviced?

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