Coffee machine at Work

The work day is busy enough without worrying about your next in-house coffee break.Espresso Fix offers on-site workplace repairs to safeguard your daily coffee. Our mobile services include maintenance solutions and coffee bean delivery.

Automatic Coffee Machine ServiceManual Coffee Machine Service

  • we offer a fixed labour charge of $150 +GST plus parts required.

Semi Commercial Coffee Machine Service

  • we offer a fixed labour charge of $180 +GST plus parts required.

Need your coffee machine serviced? Call us on 03- 9857 3334

Or fill in our Service Request and a friendly staff member will contact you promptly.


All our Domestic repairs are carried out at our showroom .While you are there ask about our free coffee tasting. We’ll be happy to indulge you with a cup of our fine coffee while we check in your machine. Please remember that our friendly staff is there to assist you in getting the best out of your coffee machine, so if you have any questions feel free to ask away!

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Espresso fix Coffee provides on-site repairs for Business/Offices. If the machine at your workplace breaks down call us straight away. With an extensive network of technicians on the road we’ll be there promptly. When you contact us, ask about our scheduled maintenance solution and benefits that come with our coffee supply.

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Not only are they difficult to transport, they are required to be pumping continuously. Espresso Fix offers a mobile service for café machine repairs and regular maintenance solutions that guard against breakdowns. Ask us about our café repair services and coffee machine/bean solutions.

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