Espresso Fix is a workshop and showroom for all Saeco and Gaggia coffee machines and more.

Our other brands include Breville, Sunbeam. Rancilio, Orchestrale, La San Marco, La Marzocco and more.

While we specialize and focus on domestic coffee machines, Espresso Fix has skilled technicians that repair all coffee machines, including commercial, vending machines and cafe.

Everyday more and more Melbournians are realising the convenience of waking up to the smell of coffee wafting from their own kitchens. Espresso Fix makes owning your own coffee machine even easier, with our dedicated and professional staff members who are there to serve all your caffeine needs at home. Domestic coffee machines have never been as reliable, easy to operate and reputable as they are now.

Like all machines, coffee machines need looking after and regular attention. Espresso Fix has one simple aim – to make drinking coffee at home enjoyable and fuss-free. Visit our showroom to see for yourself how easily this goal can be realized.