Enter in the new era of Gaggia fully automatic machines. Gaggia Cadorna combines 80 years of unique tradition, the highest Italian excellence and the expertise of a professional barista, all in one.
High variety and freedom of choice: up to 14 beverages at your fingertips, an even more detailed level of customisation and 4 user profiles.
Plus, thanks to the extremely intuitive full screen interface, you are just one click away to live the ultimate barista experience at home.

Enjoy Italian cafeteria-style coffee each and every day with the Gaggia Naviglio espresso machine.

100% ceramic grinders

A consistent grind is a crucial component to producing quality espresso. This machine’s 100% ceramic grinders will help you achieve a satisfying brew every time. Ceramic offers great longevity and makes for a quieter grind than other common materials. With five coarseness settings, the machine will please any palate.

Removable brewing group

The brewing group is the heart and soul of any coffee machine that automatically grinds and tamps your coffee. It essentially performs the role of a barista. This machine’s brewing group is removable, ensuring optimum hygiene and smooth performance year-round.

Quick heat boiler

A quick heat boiler ensures the machine is always ready to serve up a full-bodied espresso shot. If you’re entertaining guests who have serious cravings, they’ll be delighted by the machine’s rapid performance.

Memo function

Use the Memo function to tailor your coffee’s length and strength. You can save these settings to avoid the hassle of tweaking with each use.