Brazil Espresso


Brazil, Mexico, Uganda, Papua New Guinea ‘A/X’

Flavour Notes: Sweet / Mellow / Smooth

This blend is ideal for those who don’t like the intensity of a full-bodied espresso. It is a sweet and aromatic bean that is very smooth and has no bitterness. It is suitable for plunger, drip filter and percolator



Brazil Espresso

Flavour Notes: Sweet / Mellow / Smooth

It’s quite a feat finding espresso beans with sweet, mellow notes. That’s what Brazil Espresso is all about. Without the usual intensity of a full-bodied espresso, this one is perfect for those seeking mild smoothness in their coffee of choice.

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500g, 1kg


Aeropress, Espresso Machine, Paper Filter, Permanent Filter, Plunger, Stovetop Espresso, Turkish, Whole Bean

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